communicating two plcs via mpi


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i want to transfer some inputs of a plc to another plc via mpi. both plcs are s7 300. can anyone tell me the steps of doing this?
I would use the X_PUT and X_GET commands located in your Siemens functions library. Map the inputs to a database and tranfer "X amount of words" over to the other PLC. You will need to setup the PUT on the sending PLC only or the GET on the recieving. See the help on the Siemens functions for syntax issues.
You may use SFC67 (X_GET) or SFC68 (X_PUT): simple, flexible and pretty straightforward. No need of configured connections, implementation can be done at runtime. Refer to the manuals or online help for details.

Luca Gallina
first of all thanks to mollar and gallina.

can you suggest me some documents related with mpi communitication basis? how can i configure, assign addresses, and etc.?
And how about to use "Global data" communication. You will not need to make any programing. Just define one table and all is done.