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Hello list,
What can i do to communicate with SLC 5/04 DH+ channel from a Laptop (using PCMCIA card), if they are separate for a distance of 60 mts.?


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what is your problem exactly?
the distance between your prog.station and PLC? or
or u need a mobile connection or whatelse?

i am sure u know that the DH+ network with right cables (BELDEN twisted pair shielded) and applying termination resistors of the ends of the cables (in this case: between card and PLC u dont need because it's built-in)capable to connect the stations even more than 60 meters...

i can make this comment in this topic...if it is help


I routinely make DH+ "extension cords" for troubleshooting or debugging when
the processor is a distance from the process. Use a length of blue hose
with a male 9-pin connector on one end and a female 9-pin connector on the
other end. The pinout is as follows:

5 - clear
7 - shield
1 - blue

Plug the female end into the A-B cable coming from yourPC. Plug the male
end into your processor. Use a "space shuttle" 9-pin to DIN connector if
necessary. This only works with the A-B PCMK cable with the 9-pin male
connector on it. The one I have is part # 1784-PCM5/B. I've seen some
newer ones that have the DIN connector on them.

This works great for temporary use. If you need something permanent,
consider installing a drop at the location you need. be sure to follow A-B
recommendations for distances, terminating resistors, etc.

Hope this helps.

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One word of warning.
If you leave your 'extention cord' plugged into the highway when you take your laptop home for the night, you are leaving a long antenna on the network. Can cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Dan Hazel