Communicating with Intellisys Controller using Modbus


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mordehy banai

good day,

my name is mordehy and i am a technician of electric plc in Israel. i need to communicate to the intellisys controller direct with a rs485 modbus 2\4 wires.

i see j8 on the controller i think its the communication and the j11 is the station. does anyone had the description off the point and the address.

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i am hopeless
please help
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a) >J8, J11 identity
The manufacturer's documentation is the source for an accurate description of Jx connector functionality and pinout.

b) >does anyone had the description off the point and the address?

Communications takes at least 2 devices. You mentioned Intellisys controller, but no other device. We do not know which device is the master. We do not know which device is the slave.

The (data) point you need is application specific, for which we have no information.

The register address for data in a Modbus slave is provided by manufacturer's documentation, unless the device uses custom mapping of its internal tags, in which case it is custom-mapped.

Manufacturer's documentation also provides needed details for specifics like
- setup of the RS-485 communications channel
- data format

mordehy banai

>thank you for the anser

but the problem is that i don't have the book of this air compressor [ingersol rand]. the operator panel is intelisys m22-150 kw
the panel have j7 with 4 point. i need to now description of them [tx \rx \-tx \-rx \??] and the j 11 need to be jumperd to set the station modbus a point to think of:
between 1 to 4 ==4v
between 1 to 3 ==0 v
between 1 to 2 ==0.8
v ==between 3 to4 ==0.8v

the register description is not a big problem. [i have some kind of a list 40XXX -40XXX modbus].

i just need the communication point [for a start]
i am sure its written somewhere in Ingersol Rand books.

thank you
hi all,

i'm technician from Indonesia, I have intellisys controller SSR 15-100HP.

i have a problem like your posting in this thread. i have modbus address of intellisys controller but i don't know it can be communicated via modbus between pc like SCADA or not. i search for reference it can communication via rs485 and rj11. do you have pinout configuration from rs485 to rj11 intellisys controller that i have.

thanks before

Edgar Escalante


You need to use a X-IRI gateway to communicate with SSR intellisys controllers. IR uses a proprietary protocol to communicate their compressors called IR Bus, the gateway translates that protocol into modbus. The gateway is provided by IR.