Communicating with modbus device from Labview rt


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I want to Communicate with a modbus device from Labview real time controller. What is the possibility of this and procedure to be followed.

Thanks in advance
I suggest looking at the following link:

If it is not working, try searching at NI's website for:
LabVIEW Modbus TCP/Serial Library

The link provides VI's that can communicate between Labview and Modicon slaves and masters (serial or TCP). I cannot be certain that the VI's will work with the realtime controller since I have not tried it myself, but it is worth a look.

You will need the LabVIEW Full Development System 7.1 in order to use the VI's.

it is possible to communicate from the Lab View realtime controller to modbus device. But direct communication is not possible.
This is possible through modbus intermediater. The behaviour of these intermediater is vendor and protocol driven. Such kind of
intermediaters are devloped by the National Instruments.