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Greetings all,
i am an industrial electrician who is new to the symax 400, (new employment with a lack of documentation). We have a symax 400 test rig in the workshop and i need to know how it communicates so as to learn it.

The coms port on the processor to the pc is it a standard rs232 to a rs232?. we also have another symax 400 controling another piece of plant and it communicates to citect via a spe4 card which i think (whats written on cable) is a rs422 9 pin plug to a rs422 25 pin plug through a rs422 to rs232 converter into the rs232 serial com on the citect pc. Are the com ports on the symax400 processor rs2322 or rs422 and is there any difference is the coms cable like do i have to swap tx and rx like in a crossover cable?

I use a laptop with pcmcia to rs232 from socket which works no problems, I am also using symax program from fastrak software which works no probs in win xp. I know this setup works as ive tried to use it on the symax plc controlling the plant with no major probs (i had a couple of coms errors but increasing reponce time fixed that.

Can anyone help me or give me plug pin out to make the special cables if any?

so in simple form i need to communicated from the symax 400 processor module to my laptop via a coms 1 port

Cesar Garcia

The Symax 400 used a RS-485 port. Have you the two port version? What versión of CPU?.


The Symax 400 is 422 and is not a RS-485 port.
You will need an RS232 to 422 converter.