Communication and output - Digital Weighing Machine


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Mauneel Desai

I have used 'C' language to develop a program for serial communication. I have made use of BIOSCOM and BIOS.H for serial transfer. Now I want to do one more thing. I want to save my output, ie. the weight in a MS-Word file. Also I want to print the output on a printer. Now I want to do both these things using C - Programming. I want the print function to execute through 'C' Programming and not manually.
I know this can be done but I am stuck. I am sure I will get a solution from this place. Please do help me.....
Hi sorry i can't help with your problem. I was hoping you could advise me on a problem i am having. I am trying also to access the serial port in a DOS program and have been trying to use the bios.h and bioscom calls, but to no luck. It seems that my compiler dose not have bios.h as it is too new. What compiler are you using?


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