Communication between ABB PLC and Wonderware Intouch

I want to communicate ABB PM 554 PLC(software used automation builder v 2.2 for programming) with wonderware Intouch ( v10.1). how can I communicate abb plc with intouch scada? how to define IO tag? what protocol I have to use? Can any one tell me in details? thanks in advance.
Hi Abakash,

I would suggest you to have a look on this interesting video on how to configure ABB plc and wonderware intouch scada hmi:

You can connect wonderware SCADA through Codesys OPC server.

Install Codesys OPC server there you will get all data in help file.

If you have Automation Builder package then you can install from that also.

You can download Automation Builder V1.0 older version from ABB site, In which you will get all the required softwares.

Hope this help let us know ....
Hi Sir,
Thanks a lot. I have already followed this video. in this video ABB plc is configured with codesys. There is a option "save as" in codesys. the project file is saved with extension name ".pro" (which is used as topic name in intouch) but when I am configuaring ABB plc from automation builder and opening codesys from automation builder in that case there is no save as option. project file is saved with extension name ".project" which is not communicating with intouch.

If I configuare plc from automation builder then what should be the application name and topic name in Intouch?

If I use opc server then how to configuare IO tag in Intouch?