Communication between BN 3500/92 gateway and Yokogawa CS 3000


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In our plan we have a rack Bently Nevada 3500 with a RS-232 Modbus port. We plug a straight cable between that and a ADAM's RS-232/422/485 converter. Then there is two wires to DCS card communication.

Number of bits and parity and baud rate settings are OK, but we don't get any bit from the rack.

Does anyone any hint to us? Adding to this, ADAM require a cable with TX, RX, GNS and CTS only. Why not the RTS? Does Bently Nevada use this to handshake?
Problem solved. When I told you settings were OK, this was false. ADAM Converter displays how to configurate bps, number of bits, etc at its involucre. But in the datasheet the table of settings is different...

Next time maybe I should avoid anything made in Taiwan...