Communication between Fanuc robot and QuickPanel


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Karl St-Laurent

I have a Fanuc Robot M-410i with a controller R-J3 and I want to communicate with a QuickPanel model ES0600. I have 2 options RS-232 or Ethernet.

Does someone know if I can use the Ethernet port on the Fanuc controller to communicate with my HMI, and if yes, were can I find the setting of this port? If I use the RS-232 do I have to buy a PAC to activate the port?

Any hint would be appreciated.


James Ingraham

I'm not sure about the specific QuickPanel model, however I can tell you that any HMI that support SNPX (serial) and/or SRTP (Ethernet) can communicate with the R-J3.

To get the Fanuc to talk SNPX and/or SRTP requires a PAC to activate the SNPX option. Fanuc says absolutely nothing about SRTP anywhere, but it seems to work fine. We verified this fairly recently with a late model QuickPanel.

Oddly, we've been asking Fanuc for about 5 years for HMI support, and they NEVER MENTIONED this. We stumbled on it; it seems that the magic word is SNPX, rather than QuickPanel, GE Fanuc, or HMI.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

Karl St-Laurent

James, did you use the ethernet port build on the controller base, or did you have to buy a Ethernet card? (RTL-EIPI-HT)