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There are some question regarding Magelis & CCX17
application that I would like to find out.

1)What kind and model of cable do I need to use for communication between PL7 software & CCX17?

2)What is the model of the commnication cable
used for links between a)Micro PLC & Magelis?
b)Micro PLC & CCX17?
Is it XBT Z968?

3)Can a single analog output module for ASZ 200
produce +/-10V, 0-20mA & 4-20mA

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

Answering your questions related to the CCX17:

PL7 will not comunicate with CCX17. PL7 is always connected with the PLC. The programming software of the CCX17 HMI is called MMI17. Telling the truth, you can program the CCX17 using the instructions of the "Integrated MMI" group of
PL7. In this case all the messages are stored on the PLC and the PLC manage the displaying of each message and message groups. But it takes a lot of memory from the PLC. The easiest way is using the MMI17 software and downloading the application to the CCX17.

The CCX17 comes with a cable, part number TCCXCB10002. To connect from this cable to the PLC you must use the XBTZ968 cable. It is the same cable used for the Magelis range. The difference is that on the Magelis range the XBTZ968 is the only cable needed, and on the CCX17 there is the other cable that comes
with it.

To transfer the application from MMI17 on PC to the CCX17, if you have the PLC connected to the CCX17, you can transfer by the same link, using the remote transfer function. Pay attention to address the CCX17 with its Unitelway address, which is 0.0.4.

If you do not have the PLC, you can transfer the application directly from the PC, but you will need a RS485/RS232 adapter. If you send me an email at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] I can send you some pictures explaining that.

Regarding to the TSXASZ200 module, I am not sure, but I think that you can have simultaneously one voltage output and another current output. PL7 allows you to configure that. The main question will be the terminal block of the module. I do not have the manual on my hands right now, but I can check it later.

Hope it helps,

Schneider Brazil

George Caudle

The cable that interfaces the TSX37 Micro to any XBT Magelis is the XBTZ968 cable. This cable is available in three lengths:
XBTZ968 = 2.5 m
XBTZ9681 = 5 m
XBTZ9686 = 15 m
There are a couple different ways to connect the Magelis to the TSX37 Micro. The above cable references are used if you configure the Magelis using Unitelway protocol. However it is also possible to connect to the TSX 37 Micro using Modbus or Modbus Plus protocol. To do this, you will need to configure the corresponding communication PCMCIA card in the Micro and select appropriate protocol in the Magelis. Certain Magelis units are now ethernet based and will support Modbus TCP\IP. To connect these units using ethernet, you will be require to configure the the ethernet module for the Micro.

George Caudle
SE North American Division\Square D