communication between omni FC 6000 and Siemens PLC s7-300 (PN)

i am trying to make a modbus TCP communication between omni FC 6000 and Siemens PLC s7-300 (PN), But i have a problem when i was trying to access the 32-bit registers like registers number 5109, and 5110. I figured out the custom data packets can help me but i cannot understand how it work and how i access this packets, and if i can arrange multiple of 32-bit and 16-bit registers in one data packets and access all of them as a multiple of 16-bit registers and what address this data packets will took it?
I dont know if you have read th eright technical manual...

I just have a read on it and it is well explained how to establish Modbus Ethernet TCP...with such devices..

I can post some screenshots later if you need to check it..
i have no problem with the S7, i already created the the Function and i read the 16-bit registers very well but the 32-bit registers with the Flow computer is very different than any modbus device , the flow computer deal with these registers as a one unit and can't be splited so the PLC every time i tried to read a 32-bit register the PLC give me a byte count error so i trying to use custom data packet to arrange these 32-bit register and read it byte by byte.
The screen shots you posted shows that the data type of holding register that CPU can deal with it is a word (16-bit) so the PLC can't deal with 32-bit register as a one unit, like the registers in my flow computer. it's another type of modbus called Enron modbus