communication between omron and modicon plc


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G. Stern

I need to transfer data from an omron plc to modicon plc (momentum or quantum). What do I need to do to make it work?

David Wooden

Many of the Omron PLCs support protocol macros, which enable theOmron PLC to talk to other manufacturers' PLCs using their own protocols.
The manual for the software to create protocol macros can be downloaded in pdf form at:$File/M11W344E11299.pdf?OpenElement

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If the PLC is a C200 series use an ASC02 module and load Modbus master software, MCMCFG.exe which I obtained from Omron. This lets the C200
be a modbus master, I have used this successfully, very simple and no code needs to be written.
I don't believe the OMRON has any low leve programming interface for their comm port. The Quantum/Momentum has....XMIT

If you are game enough, the momentum/Quantum XMIT block which can communicate in ASCII to their serial port ! With the IEC structure TEXT, I am pretty sure you can write the ASCII driver to communicate with the OMRON. Read the OMRON ascii interface manual for details. No hardware, just

The easy way will be to pay for some sort of protocol converter in-between.