Communication between PLC TSX 87 and OFS OPC Server


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I need to communicate from a TSX 85 PLC, Schneider, to a OPC Server, OFS, Schneider. This server already communicates to many other PLC models, but using the same protocol, ETHWAY. Does someone have a detailed description about how to do this? Thanks.
1. Create a .csv file with the variables yow need to access in the OPC client. It should look like this.
%mw7000<tab>MC7INRWI01<tab>Mill Exit Temperature
%mw7001<tab>MC7INRWI02<tab>Mill Exit Temperature Gas
%mw7045:X0<tab>MC7INMILLON<tab>Mill Motor (RUN/STOP)

<tab> is the character generated by the "Tab" key.

2. In the ofs configuration tool (I'm using ver. 2.54) create a new alias importing the csv file and chosing XWAY->ETHWAY:
Addressing levels=3
Network=[your network number]
Station=[your station number]
Gate=[leave blank]
Checkbox "Serie 7 PLC"= Checked
Instance number=[In "Network connections", right click the network card, select "properties", select "ethway protocol", click the "properties" button. If the "Export Name" is "ETHWAY01", than the instance number is "1"]

3. Menu "server"-> "Apply"; Menu "server"-> "Ok"

4. Run the "OPC Factory Server"

5. Test with "OFS Client"