communication between plc5/20 and rslogix5


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our system is plc5/20, rslogix5, rslinxlit, pcmk comm. card and its cable, laptop (windows xp)

we configure our drive (pcmk card) by rslinxlit > comm. > configure drives >:
after we finished a window with status of drive: running appeared then we close this window.

to go on line we did:
rslogix5 > comm. > sys.comm >:
a communication window appeard but (online, ok on line now) keys are not active to press.

please send us where the problem.
RSLogix5>comm>system comms>

In communication window, have u select the PLC5/20 icon? If you select the destination, you will see active online button.
thank you for your replay, but there is no (plc5/20) icon to select it in communication window.

also from the begining, IN rslinks communication window,
the configuration list of drivers does not include plc5/20, it only include our communication card (pcmk) and others, except plc5/20.

please, i'm waiting your replay, thank you.
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In RsLinx you have to select driver that you use for communicating with PLC-5 such as DH+ network, you must select PCMK driver (for laptop) or connect thru serial port--select RS232-DF1 driver and then if it's work you will find PLC-5/20 icon on RS-who window in RSLinx and when you go back to RSLogix5, you will do as step that i told you in last reply....
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