communication between PLCs on Modules Production System

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To whom it may concern,

Good Day,
Currently I've been working on my final exam on PLC programming using ladder diagram to make communication beetween PLCs on Modules Production System at production system laboratory. I use PLSs from FESTO, FPC 100 series, which are 101B at Distribution station, 101AF at Testing station, and 103B & 101AE at Assembly station.

I have some difficulties about the ladder diagram to set up a communication between those PLCs since I'm a newbie in this automation field, eventhough I have read the manual books. I guess that this must be related by setting up the flags to make it works. But, again I'm confuse how to make the initialization flags programming and its processes that happening there.

Below are some operands that I always find at the
manual books at the chapter of communication;
Absolut Symbolic Comment
operand operand
12.0 CSM_S communication-send to subsequent
12.2 CSM_D0 data bit 0
12.3 CSM_D1 data bit 1
12.4 CSM_D2 data bit 2
12.5 CSM_BACT communication-station network to
subsequent station via bus
12.8 CPM_R communication-receive to previous
12.15 CPM_BACT communication-station network to
previous station via bus
13.8 CSM_NET communication-subsequent station

Could anyone give me some explanation and advice, and even kindly give some examples on PLCs communication using ladder diagram? Thank you so much in advance for your attention.

Iman Mulyaman G., student at Industrial Enginering
Dept., STT Telkom Bandung, Indonesia.