Communication between Red Lion's G303 and Toshiba T2 Series PLC


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Hello all

I want to have Communication between Red Lion G303 HMI and Toshiba T2 Series PLC. The communication driver is not available at Red Lion site for Toshiba PLC yet. Is there any way out??

Zia Murtaza

Yosef Feigenbaum

Hi Zia,
If both of the manufacturers offer OPC servers or if OPC servers are available for both of the devices it's relatively simple to write a VB program to read and write to these devices.

The way I usually do this is to build a table or CSV file defining which registers are mapped where. On start-up my program reads the file or table and starts moving data between the OPC servers based on the information in the table (or file).

There is plenty of source code available on the web for communicating with OPC servers.

Good Luck,

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The T2 driver is second on the list, and is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Dan Yost
Applications Engineer
Redlion Controls