Communication Between Siemens S7 400 PLC and ABB AC800 PLC


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Asim Shahzad

Dear Friends,

I have two PLCs:
1. Siemens S7 400 series
2. ABB AC800

I want to communicate between these two PLC through optical fibre cable. What will be the requirements?
1. Hardware requirement in both PLC systems
2. Software requirement in both PLC system
3. How to join two optical fibre cables

Your early response will be appreciated.

Shahid Waqas

There are many methods for the communication. The two most common methods would be:
1. Use serial interface, using Modbus (good)
2. Use Profibus-DP interface (better).

In case of serial interface, you will require the serial cards on both AC800 side and S7-400 side. Additionally, you will require Modbus drivers for both sides.

For optical fibre connection, you can use the Siemens OLM (Optical Link Modules). It's good to find out what is needed, please try looking at the websites of the vendors.

Best Regards,
Shahid Waqas
shahid. waqas at gmail. com