Communication between SYSWIN 3.4 & C200H plc


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J.fallah yakhdany

I want to establish communication between syswin and c200h plc via LK201 network card for c200h plc.
I know the position of this card on the plc rack and dipswitch setting for this card but by correct setting i could not communicate with cpu for program monitoring.

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Jason Halligan


I've been caught in a similar situation, while the host link devise has LK 201 writen on the front you will notice on the back there is a part number with approx another 5-6 digits which lets you know if its for C200hs series or C60K series.
Hopefully you will have your host link paperwork, given a few days I could probably relocate mine.
I'm currently using 3.2 with no problems.

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Jason Halligan
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The manual for this card is at this link:
the info you need starts on page 22. (32 of the pdf)

Since you are not connecting to the CPU directly and have chosen to mount a Host Link Card in your rack, your Unit number should be set to 1 or higher on both the LK201 and within Syswin. I don't remember how to set the settings in Syswin because it's crap software and we went back to SSS at Honda.

You are really best off getting the magic cable that will let you connect to the CPU port. Then you don't have to know as much about setting things like internal resistance, RTS/CTS operating level, single vs multi-link, etc.

Set your serial settings at 19.2kbps, 7 data, even parity, 2 stop. This is pretty standard on Omron except that their older stuff uses 9600 as faster br.

RT*M and you'll be ok. For this situation, just set everything to the normal settings and make sure you have the cable wired correctly. The
pinouts are in the manual too.


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