Communication Between TRANE BCU Controller and GE cimplicity


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Hi All,

We have TRANE BCU controllers in my site, and I want to communicate to the same with GE cimplicity. Is it possible? any drivers needed?

Also, we have TRANE sc controller and is the same is possible with cimplicity? TRANE controllers communicating through BACKNET.

Kindly help on this.

you should look at GE's IGS (Industrial Gateway Server). It is a pretty easy tool that acts as a gateway interface between Cimplicity Server and pretty much any protocol.

If you have a GE account, you can call GE Automation and buy one....I think they are ~$1000 for the software. It is just Kepware branded software, so you might be able to buy it directly from Kepware.

The setup for the software is pretty self explanatory.