communication cable fpr Omron to Siemens


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valski g

Hi all,

am planning to use an omron HMI model NS5-SQ00B-V1 which is RS232 com protocol for Siemens S7300 plc which is profibus. what can you advice for these two to communicate with each other.
need help.

thanks and much appreciated

Helge Slettvoll

If your HMI device supports one of the Siemens protocols 3964R or RK 512, you will need a point-to-point communication processor like CP x41-RS 232C to put in your S7 rack.

Install the Configuration Package that comes with the CP. Add the CP in the Step 7 Hardware configuration and. Assign parameters to the module corresponding to the communication partner - your HMI-device.

The rest is HMI-configuration. Omron stuff.