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hi i'm a final year student and doing my project on SCADA, so here i would some help(actually big help) from anyone that willing to help. i am now seeking for many info about SCADA specifically in its communication (eg; media usage, network topologies). i would also like to have some suggection on what really to do for this project. anyone who have any info or source and ideas about what to do , pls reply this message or directly email me, thank you.

Kevin Seifert

It would be helpful to know what your after more specifically. There are sooooo many options for communications and scada projects.

Some you may concider is factory automation, water treatment plant process, or agriculture irrigation control and monitoring.

Some communication media include wireless (ie 900mhz or uhf), ethernet (WAN or LAN), or RS485.

What you need are good tools for making graphics, good device drivers and good routines for collecting data and trending. You could use Linux platform or Windows which is your choice or could
make a platform independent SCADA.
Visit and under automation section there is a Browser SCADA which is platform independent, I believe that this will work on almost any platform. I am also adding a real time trend soon (read on Sunday).

I would recommend that you use the Linux PLC as a base and develop a SCADA for Linux PLC, which would be as practical a project as is possible.

i would like to do my project on gas and oil industry SCADA system, what i know about SCADA is it is consist of three parts 1.RTU 2.Communication link 3. MTU so my project is more on the communication channel

hope this will help

Enrique Fernandez Araujo

Dear Kacyp

I think a good project to develop is a SCADA system running wireless Ethernet, nowadays you may find RTU with Ethernet ports from many RTU manufacturers and there are a lot of wireless Ethernet communications products in the market.

Most of SACADA systems are running using wireless modems (I mean RS-232 or similar) but I think Ethernet will become a facto standard in the near future.

You may find some interesting information in:

Hope this help,

check out Allen Bradley website (, find SCADA application guide.

this mailing list will help you,

In brief, it will consist of
1. RTU, could be a small PLC or PC or dedicated RTU station. I recommend using small PLC, with serial port (RS-232), protocol will depend on the manufacturer such as Modbus or modbus plus, AB-DF-1, GE-Fanuc SNP or other.
Linux PLC will be great.
2. Communication link, from point to point & point to multipoint. For inital, you could use your phone line as a communication link point to point.
3. Maste Terminal Unit or Front End Server or Data Concentrator, It could be PLC, PC or dedicated MTU station. But I like using PC as my master terminal unit (i call it front end server).
Put a proper software/driver, link it with OPC/DDE, write your own script under VB or VBA or other, link it to your browser will be great for operator interface.

Have a nice search.


Karlheinz Schwarz

Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water, ...) have a lot of experiences with SCADA systems and RTUs. There are international communication standards published for these application domains. The IEC Technical Committee 57 has published the following standards:<br>
— IEC 60870-5-101 Companion standard for basic telecontrol tasks<br>
— IEC 60870-5-104 Network access for IEC 60870-5-101 using standard transport profiles<br>
— IEC 60870-6 Telecontrol equipment and systems - TASE.2<br>
— IEC 61850 Communication networks and systems in substations (based on UCA™)<br>
The latest is the IEC 61850. For more details on IEC 61850 check the following web site:<br>
<a href="" target="blank"></a><br>
<a href="" target="blank"></a><br>
<a href="" target="blank"></a><br>
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Karlheinz Schwarz<br>