Communication Issue Using MODBUS TCP


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I am working on a motion control project. we are using a cam to detect the coordinates of an object using open CV library. the issue is that we couldn't import the output coordinates to the controller.

we are using MODBUS TCP but I have no idea how to communicate them.

thank you.
I can help you with this. It is very difficult to cover it in text. You may call me at +1-713-935-0900 & will explain. Thanks
I find the easiest way to troubleshoot is to use simulators. You can use a Slave simulator to test your reading and writing of values from your software or controller. Then, you can use a Modbus Master simulator to write values to your motion controller.

This will help you to verify that you are
1) Able to connect to your device
2) know your connection setting
3) Modbus register number and values
4) number format

We provide a free Modbus Master simulator