Communication of AB SLC5/04 with GE-CIMPLICITY via RS232 port using AB_DF1 protocol

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I am trying to communicate with AB SLC 5/04 processor from GE-CIMPLICITY via Allen Bradley DF-1 setup utility.The setup utility is a inbuilt feature of GE-CIMPLICITY. When I try to communicate i am getting a error message called data length check error, and it doesnt read the specified address value. I am not getting where i am going wrong.Can any one help in this regard.

I have lisenced software of GE-CIMPLICITY, RS-LOGIX and RS-LINX, and i can communicate with the processor through RS-Logix, and RS-Linx. I am using the same cable for communicating through GE-CIMPLICITY.
I suspected that your're using serial port for your application.

try to create a new project. using your workbench select project properties. in protocol menu select AB-DF1.

select ports, try to configure your DF-1 port.

remember that all parameter must match your SLC5/04. otherwise you will not get a data at all.

If you're running RS-Linx. make sure that it's not occupy the same serial port as cimplicity use.

Or just shut it down anyway. from your taskbar, make sure that no RS-Linx icon is displayed.

I have try it in SLC5/03 with no difficulty, both using Built in cimplicity driver and RS-Linx.

I use the same cable for programming.

hope can help.