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BRULE Sylvain

I'm a poor french student! I've a project to make a communication between a TSX07 (bus UNITELWAY, RS485) and a PC (port COM, RS232).
The junction, with RS485 and RS232, is already realized by a cable offered by constructor.
I had succeeded to communicate but with a software in 16 bits, by using the library : bios.h (Visual C++ 1.5).
But, I had to make an graphique application with Visual C++ 6, so in 32 bits. So I had to use the Win32.
And, in 32 bits, the library bios.h doesn't exist.
I had tried to make a similar protocol, but I think it exist a problem to synchronisation of RTS, or of the emission data timing.
The only result I had obtained was to hear the polling of the TSX07, but it never heard me.
I know the solution to make a DLL in 16 bits, and integrate it in an application in 32 bits exist, but my professor doesn't want I used it (BUT he
doesn't know how realized what I must make !!!??).
Have you a solution for me (sources codes, or library, or méthodology...)?
Hey !

For your information TSX07 has also a modbus communication available. (Not on TER port but integrated on most of TSX07 PLCs).

I think then it will be easier for you to make your communication because handling modbus slave protocol is quite easy.

You will find application sample to do that on:
Another solution but most expensive is to use OPC standard. If you check you will find a solution to handle Unitelway protocol through OPC standard.

Hope it helps.
Good luck at school be cool with your teacher :eek:)

Take care
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