Communication problem with Kepserverex to Meter Computer Floboss s600+

I try communication kepserver with Floboss s600+.

I download modbus map of the s600+ and indicates the net volume is register 7103. In the kepserver, I try read the register writing 37103 but kepserver dont read the register and show the register how "bad". I can read register 4000 where 34038 show temperature of meter 1, I can read the register disable "First word law".

I used software modscan and it read register 7000. I don´t understand kepserver show registers 37xxxx how bad.
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-13 at 8.58.01 PM.jpg
Please use a statement like "Modscan can read register xxxxxx" instead of "I can read register 4000" because "I can read" it does not inform the community as which application (Modscan or Kepware) reads register 4000.

The photo you posted shows Modscan reading (3)4xxx: Input registers. floating point format.

1. Does Kepware read the same (3)4xxx registers with similar values?

2. Are you sure that the register at 7000 is an input register (3)7xxx accessed by Function Code 04 (Modbus Point Type) and not a Holding Register (4)7xxx accessed by Function Code 03 (Modbus Point Type)? That information is in the slave documentation.

You are aware that you can choose the number of displayed registers in Modscan by entering number other than the default 100 for "Length". Your photo shows the default "Length" of 100 registers. Sometimes reading 100 registers shows the an exception error or an invalid register error because some register in the requested 100 registers is not a valid register.