Communication problem with TSX Micro


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Samir Thaker

I am using Modicon TSX Micro PLC and PL7 PRO V4.4 and TSXPCX3030 communication cable. I am using TER Port of PLC and UNITELWAY Communication driver with default settings. Still i am not able to connect to PLC using PL7 PRO software. I want to use Citech as my SCADA Package. Can anybody give me troubleshooting points how to communicate TSX Micro with PL7 PRO Software to upload/download PLC program.
Have you installed the two drivers required for this cable?

Have you set the Unitelway driver to point to the USB com port?

Have you used hyperterminal to check if port if free, not in use by another software?

Email me if you still have problems.

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