Communication Problems between Siemens S7-300 and Schneider Quantum 53414B

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Túlio Oliveira Araújo

Good Afternoon,

I'm having problems communicating a Siemens PLC S7-300 CPU 314C-2DP (SLAVE)and a Schneider PLC Quantum 140CPU53414B, using a Prosoft Profibus DP card PTQ-PDPMV1 (MASTER). The communication is on Profibus DP.

The Schneider master is already connected to several network devices, of many manufacturers, under the Profibus DP protocol, and is working fine. When I try to communicate it with the Siemens PLC, they don't recognize each other. Do what do I do to make this communication work? If anybody have a tutorial or any material about it, I would realy appreciate to read it.

Thank you very much for the help!

Túlio Araújo.
It sounds from your description like it's never worked from the initial setup. I'm not familiar with initial network on this Prosoft card, but every master needs a "GSD" file for each type slave on its network so it understands their characteristics, as well as various other network settings (comms mode, baud rate, etc.). Most masters include a selection of GSD files with their software, but if you don't have the necessary one, they're always available from the slave device manufacturer, in this case Siemens. Also, when you have PLC as a slave, it may be necessary to have code in the PLC specifically to support network communications, map network addresses to PLC addresses, etc.

Schneider Italy

Prosoft is necessarily Master. Siemens PLC (and any other devices) must be slave. Maybe you need the profibus slave card (CP342??) or a DP/DP coupler for make two master profibus communicate each other.
Of course you need the GSD file as already said.

Patrick Lansdorf


The S7 PLC must be configured in the hardware manager (Step7) as Profibus slave. My experience is that it can be difficult to find the correct GSD-file, so I would advise to contact Siemens for that.

It is of course also possible to let the S7 PLC remain Profibus master and use a DP/DP gateway to exchange data between the masters, as Schneider says..

//Patrick Lansdorf
now we are trying to communicate ABB and Siemens PLC's via DP/DP coupler as a master .......but data exchange not happening.......we checked all address, coose contacts, configuration as fallowed by manuals.....

could u help on this
> now we are trying to communicate ABB and Siemens PLC's via DP/DP coupler as a master .......but data exchange not
> happening.......we checked all address, choose contacts, configuration as followed by manuals.....

> could u help on this

Well haven't worked on ABB but have worked with SIEMENS AND DP/DP coupler. Between the Coupler and the Siemens PLC, you must us SFC14 DP read data and SFC15 DP send data. By doing so and downloading to the SIEMENS PLC, the BF LED should go off on the SIEMENS PLC side. Here is an example:<pre>
OB1: "Main Program Sweep (Cycle)"
LADDR :=W#16#100
LADDR :=W#16#100
all I know is that you need GSD files for ABB.