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I want to get some communication protocols for PLC, these device manufacturer include MODICON,
OMRON, MELSEC, SIEMENS, FLEX etc. protocol include
MODBUS protocol, HostLink protocol, MEWTOCOL protocol, 3964R protocol etc. Who can tell me in detail or give me any message where i can find it! Thanks!
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Tim O'Reardon

With reference to the Omron Hostlink protocol, the Omron manuals that we have at our company (which came with the Omron C200 Alpha PLCs) have a great section concerning Hostlink protocols commands and the setting up of the RS232 ports on the PLCs for Hostlink operation. Another manual we have covers Omron commands called FINS (Factory Information Network System). The FINS commands are for programming specific commands to the Omron PLCs but used over different media than Hostlink. The FINS commands can be used over UDP/IP to a Omron CV series PLC. I've managed to do this will little problems from a PC running a small VB programme.

I can only suggest that you contact Omron Electronics for copies of these manuals (I don't have the reference number to hand, Sorry).

Hope this helps
Tim O'Reardon

Steve Chilton

>The Omron Host-link protocol is the serial protocol that Omron has used for over 12 years and is compatible with all Omron PLC's that support serial communication. The only differentces are the memory areas that pertain to the PLC you are trying to communicate with. A good starting point is either W143 Host link manual W364 CQM1H host link commands W353 CPM / SRM series host link The FINS manual is W227. FINS allows access with all types of present PLC network supplied by Omron - Serial, Controller Link, Sysmac Link or Ethernet TCP/IP, but is more complex to write. Active X components are available from Omron (at a cost) to allow easy implementation into VB etc. [email protected]