Communication protocols in Building Automation area


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Sandeep Shroff

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I have to do a survey on commonly used communication protocols in Building Automation area. This survey is for setting the long term path of Device driver development at our development centre.

I would like to have your views / inputs / suggestions / feedbacks on this.

Thanking you all in anticipation.
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Dear Sandeep Shroff

The two main protocols i know are: LonWorks and BACnet

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Onno Moret

Andrew Piereder

LonWorks and BacNet are the open protocols, but they are probably not the most common. Proprietary protocols of various types still do the lion's share of communication in Building Automation.


Heinz-Juergen Oertel

Do you have any figures about the share of CAN based products ?


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suresh patel

In BMS the communication protocol is generaly BACNET Building automation and control network.