Communication through Citect without any specific driver, was Citect Cicode Serial Communications


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In regards to my previous article, I thank you those who has helped me. But my problem is to be able to communicate with any module through RS232 without using any specific driver.

Currently I'm trying to communicate between Citect 5.21 with ADAM 4018M through ADAM 4520, but later on both the ADAMs module will be replaced by a customised module. I was hoping to
obtain a method to communicate with these modules through Citect without having to use any specific driver (to communicate directly through the serial com port)

Thank you
If comms speed is not an issue, you should be able to use ComRead and ComWrite functions to talk to a serial device via cicode (works for
modems anyway). Incorporate the ComRead function in a continuous task to allow data to be read from the port when it is present. Of course you will have to build the ADAM protocol into your Cicode.

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