Communication with Arburg Selogica Injection Molding Controller

Dear All,

I want to communicate with Arburg Selogica controller v3.09 of an old Arburg injection molding machine. The protocol by which this machine can communicate is Siemens S5 3964R through serial R232 V24 C port. End goal is to get process data real timely to then send it to kepwareEx server for further analysis. Even though the kepware server has builtin driver for Siemens s5 PLC (S5 3964R protocol), but apparently it can not communicate with Sologica controllers. I have contacted Arburg and according to them I may need to write my own software to read the data from Selogica controller. I will be thankful if someone can help or give some pointers to resolve this issue. Or a small piece of script to read the data from controller.

Siemens S5 3964R is a very old but standard protocol - there should be no problem in 2 devices communicating providing the serial parameters are identical.

However unlike Modbus (protocol), a master does not request data. Messages are initiated from the device with the data, and the other end (in one to one communications) receives it.

From what I remember S5 CPU uses statement commands for message transmissions which is where writing your own software comes in.