Communication with Basler BE1-851 OC Relay

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Emile Ackbarali

I am attempting to communicate with 9 Balser BE1-851 overcurrent relays. Each relay has two ports at the back of it.

1. RS485 - modbus
2. DB9 Rs232 - Basler ASCII command language

Due to firmware problems, I can't use the RS485 ports. OK. So I have to use the RS232 ports. The manual states that I can put an address on each device and use RS232 multidrop to communicate with the devices.

I connected all 9 devices together using RS232 splitters to get the multidrop configuration. This did not work at all. No commnunication at all. I could only talk to a device when it alone was connected to the bus.

Has anyone ever worked with these relays and done an RS232 multidrop configuration? If so, how the heck dod you do it?



Crucius, Wesley

RS232 Multidrop? The two are mutually exclusive. RS232 is a peer-to-peer hardware interface. If the communication protocol implemented on the RS232 version is essentially Half-Duplex, you should be able to get this to work with RS232 <-> RS485 converters on every

A quick deja search for "RS232 Multidrop" yielded this supporting
information:[email protected]