communication with elektronikon terminal


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I need to control 3 Atlas Copco GA-110 using an Allen Bradley PLC 5/40, but nobody around seems to know how. The dealer told me that I need
to buy an interfase called COM2 but only in Modbus (only usefull for monitoring) or Profibus (to control); but is it possible to use the DB9
port locate on the terminal back? what is the protocol used.
Please let me know if someone knows the answer.
Hello there! try to get the manual of the Atlas Copco and find out what is the use of the DB-9. I think this is for serial communication. Go to the website of Atlas and search for manuals. Or e-mail the supplier for catalogs/manuals. From there, we can (or you can) be certain of something that is not clear.
Thanks for your help but I had tried evrething above with no success. Right now I´m working with a Prosoft communications card for Modbus (RTU). I hope I can get it now. Wish me luck.