Communication with Philips weight indicators

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Juan De los Santos Naumov

Dear list,

We are trying to use a Prosoft Modbus module (3150-MCM) to communicate with 4 weight indicators manufactured by Philips (model # 1612)

The indicator can communicate using modbus ascii protocol or jbus (according to the manual).

The problem we have is the following:

we can not communicate the prosoft module with the weight indicator using modbus, but if we connect the weight indicator to a computer with fix-intellution the communication is stablished.

If we use a software emulating the modbus ascii master or slave we can communicate the Prosoft module with the emulator but not the indicator.

Somebody in the list know something about philips "flavor" of the modbus protocol?.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions

Juan De los Santos

Willie Phillips

Hey Juan, I'm not sure what the Modbus EQ is maybe a Modbus protocol comms board? I have worked with several weigh indicators and written port drivers for them. A simple one was in GW Basic. I used a Siemens 505 "basic module" and wrote the code to do the talking to the weigh modules, the code resided in the Siemens "Basic Module". The Siemens board talked rs232 to the weigh stuff and placed the data in PLC memory. Since there's not much data in one weigh module it's nice, clean and simple.