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Wang Fuli

I have some RTU using with modbus protocol. But I have not the VB5 function or DLL or the drivers. Could you tell me Where can I get the help to communicate to the RTU thanks yours Wang Fuli from China.

Robert Smyth

Hi, There are many software packages around that will talk Modbus for you. Which you want depends on what you want to do. If you want a screen to show what the process is doing something like Citect will save you lots of time. Have a look at If you really want to program in VB then have a look at Robert Smyth EngWare Pty Ltd ? Voice: 0411 202 514 ? Fax: 02 9222 1457 ? E-mail: [email protected]

Carlos Araya Mackenney

Wang Fuli: It is very easy to develope a MODBUS driver en VB5. If you have the algorith to make the CRC calculation, you will need 2 days to make the driver. If you don't have the logic for the CRC calculation I can send it to you. Regards, Carlos Araya Mackenney [[email protected]] Automation Manager - PLC International S.A. Phone (562) 269.8727 - Fax (562) 269.8728 Santiago, Chile

David Bergeron

The number of ways to communicate using Modbus protocol is beyond count. You can use OPC, DDE, ActiveX controls, and practilly every proprietary method supports Modbus protocol. Check out: Do a search on Modbus protocol to get started. Check out