Communication with Siemens S5 115F CPU942


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Marcin Legutek

What is special in F series S5 Siemens PLCs that it is impossible to communicate with this PLC using I/O server? Has anyone set communication with this PLC? What kind of I/O server should I use in order to communiate with this PLC

Bruce Durdle

The S5 115F is a high-integrity PLC, certified for use in safety-critical applications to SIL3. As a result, it uses a sub-set of the standard
Siemens protocol (I think an older version because of the difficulty of maintaining the certification with the upgraded software.)

Communications with this device is possible - but you will probably have to do some research inthe manuals to find out full details. I've been involved with projects where this PLC was talking to a Westinghouse DCS, and where a similar device was communicating with a Flex SCADA - so it can be done..