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What hw and sw do I need to upload control code (supposedly step5) from Sinumerik 3M controller (about 20 years old), view it on my pc/notebook, and to get online and monitor the operation of the controller?

Tom Phillips

Are you trying to reload the control after battery failure/ps replacment? I have a complex note on this somewhere I may be able to find. Alternately, I posted this on the practical machinist web site under the Deckel forum.

On the sinumerik control do you know how to enter the @(at sign) from the keypad? Its not on my keypad so and parameter programming has to be uploaded. Kind of a nuisance.
Sinumerik 3 uses AG130WB PLC, so you need AS511 interface card to use S5 software, and of course RS232/TTY converter.
Tom or anyone that can help! i have a siemens sinumerik 3m/4 controlling a cnc router the machine has been left off for 2-3 years! can you advise what i need to do if all the rom data has been lost?


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Farzad Ahmadpour

Dear Sir,

Siemens System 3 USER ROMs contain PLC program.
Other ROMS contains Firmware. Can you explain me what is the exact model of controller cards (6FX ...)? I am affraid if those ROMs have lost data. If this matter is true you need the spare ROMs. Machine parameters stores in RAM and it can be calculated again. The major and hardest problem is LOST PLC ROM. Your machine have to be analysed agin and PLC can be written again. I think it is better to retrofit your machine by a newer and modern controller. I suggest you FAGOR AUTOMATIN product.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

Farzad Ahmadpour
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