Communication with TSX Micro PLC using OPC server


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I am trying to read I/Os of Modicon TSX Micro using Kepware OPC server and Uni-Telway protocol. I am able to read values from memory but I see no options for reading I/O. It seems that the opc server can read only memory, some timers and some counters. Specifically, I am interested in reading "I1.8" and "Q2.10".

Can OPC servers read these I/Os ?


Fred Loveless

The Kepware Unitelway driver is a slave driver. This means that we appear as an RTU on the network that a Master. in this case the TSX Micro, can read data from and write data to. When this driver was developed IO support was not added because there is no IO that is accessible by the driver. the driver is only access cache or local memory. Client applications that connect to the server with this driver configured are only writing to local memory.

Fred Loveless
Kepware Technologies