Communications Between AB 8400 CNC and AB MicroLogix 1500 PLC

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We need to establish communications between an Allen-Bradley 8400 CNC and Allen-Bradley 1500 MicroLogix PLC. We are using Greco Systems Minifile for floppy disk communications and we have one available communications port remaining on the 8400. AB said "no way". The detailed communications information on the 8400 is very limited. If anyone has any information or success in establishing communications between the 8400 and the 1500 on any other device, your information would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hello Rocco,

Back around 1988, I was programming custom 8400-Pals and such for an OEM. I did perform a project where a SLC150 Communicated with an 8400MP.
While researching the info to perform such a task A/B also communicated to me it was not possible.
But I did succeed.
The Project was to add an Axis to the control of the CNC Package. The axis input (Encoding was with HiSpeed Module SLC150).

It has been a long time ago (it seems).
It can be done. But A/B will not support nor give info for such a task.