Communications with PLCs


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Kokou Avowlanou

I've some years experience on Modicon Telemecanique and Siemens PLCs but I've never deal with communications (PLC to PLC). Can somebody indicate or send me any basic documentation (pdf file) on the subject?

Zan Von Flue

I'm not an expert, but with communications there is a big difference between S5 and S7. Do you have a particular question?
Wow... that's almost as open-ended as 'who makes the best PLC?'... There are literally hundreds of ways to make 2 PLCs communicate with each other. Ethernet would be my recommendation (of course I used to be a network technician, so it's also what I'm most familiar with. As for others, Modbus Plus for Modicon, ControllerLink for Omron, DH for AB, there are so many choices it's hard to direct you anywhere. Can you get more specific? What brand of PLCs? What speed? How much data? There are too many options to reocmmend one off what you asked.