Compact I/O for Allen Bradley Devicenet... HELP!


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I have an automated sortation facility that has CLX processors and 1791D-16V0 sourcing input module communicating via Devicenet. I need to be able to view and backup the local logic to the Compact I/O block. I have the proper EDS sheets and can see the device on the network. However, when I view the properties it shows no tab for the DeviceLogix editor applet. As if that wasn't messing with my head enough, I get a message of: EDS :2011 , Address 02: Communication Error(0xC) 'Error response received: [0x0416, 0x00ff]. Object does not exist.', SCIA(0xE, 0xF, 0x3D, 0x1), Param61"

Anyone have any input? It would be greatly appreciated.