Compact needs Ethernet


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Reid Womack

Much invested in Compact installations
Still great mid sized PLC
Needs Ethernet and webserver like Momentum and Quantum. Don't want to hear about Telemecanique or PL7.
With the rejuvenated 386 CPUs, tank-like assembly, compact foot-print, IEC programming, simple ModBus/ModBus Plus connectivity, diverse/mature selection of I/O, and a VERY large installation base I could not agree with you more. With Modicon's 174CEV30010 unit you can easily do ModBus TCP/IP connectivity.

However, the Compact does need WEB capabilities similar to the new ETZ510 module available for the TSX-37. It seems that with this port-to-port connectivity, all that a Compact "ETZ unit" needs is a protocol change (ModBus RS-232 instead of UniTelWAY RS-485) and a PLC-CONFIG Java Applet re-write. With such a large installation base, I imagine that if enough customers ask, Modicon will introduce such a unit.
I understand NR&D may be manufacturing a Ethernet module for the Compact similiar to the NOE77110 for Quantum.
try the very cheap "": development board. It works well, however when so very cheap the development system is not state of the art. But as long there is not too much application code it's ok. it's about 34$ for the smallest board and about 200$ with development tools, It works well I have tested it, and it still runs as a webserver on internet.