comparison b/w ac drives : Siemens vs ABB


I'm from the australian iron ore industry.
We use mainly abb mv drives at 3.3 kv the units are acs100. The experience is to cease using them due to it being harder to fix with the Australian strict mining safety regulations making it hard to access the live parts during maintenance. Do not touch the acs 2000 yet either, as it is suffering teething issues and runs pretty hot and is not as super efficient as touted by sales crew.

The preferred product is the big strong Siemens Harmony with cell bypass. Analysis has shown it has much better mtbf than ABB ACS1000. If you need dynamic braking, HARMONY vsd can only offer flux braking as compared to acs 1000 which you can buy a DCbus chopper and resister bank, although very unreliable as we had a lot of failures.

Ease of use, both are good.
Siemens wins on ease to maintain
If you never exposed the machine to bad maintenance and untrained staff both machines are ok. but i think Siemens have considered the human factor in great detail.