Comparison between DNP3 and MDLC


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I am after a technical comparison between MDLC (Motorola Data Link Communication) protocol and DNP3 protocol.

It would be great if the aforementioned information is facilitated.

Thanks in advance!

Jacob Brodsky

As near as I can tell, MDLC is a proprietary protocol developed of, by, and for Motorola and their customers. It does appear that it uses some sort of inline compression technology.

The DNP3 protocol has been around since the early 1990s. It is an open protocol, published as IEEE Std. 1815. The DNP3 protocol is event oriented and interoperable across a wide range of products. The DNP3 protocol offers authentication features that can complement other security features, such as encrypted virtual private networks.

I could write a lot more about DNP3. Is there anything more you'd like to know about it?

Jacob Brodsky, PE
Chair, DNP Users Group

By any chance any of you know where can I get the full specification/standard document for MDLC protocol? I am having a hard time finding it on the web.


David H