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Sachin Mane

I have to purchase a SCADA package for one of the plant. But before that I have to do detail estimation of various SCADA packages such as Plantscape, Intellution iFIX, Wonderware, RSView, Cimplicity, CiTec,etc.
I am looking after its strong features as well as cost wise.
So please explain me in detail.
I myself had worked on Plantscape & Intellution & till date found out that Plantscape is very good of all. But I want to know abt all others exp. abt other SCADA's.

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As a water and wastewater provider the company took one complete year to investigate and we looked at wonderware, intellution, cytec, rsview. Each has its own strength we selected RSview since it had local support and all the PLC's are Allen Bradley that way there was no finger pointing its your hardware no your software. We also used AB third party for other items we have been extremly satisfied.

David Bowerman


I'm presently in the same boat, we are looking at various packages and find they are much the same.
The main selling point appears to be the support issues.
I would be interested in seeing your results.
I currently use the Australian Produced SCADA package Citect. We have found that the system provides the features we need for a radio telemetry system and the support is good.


David B

yogesh m.tapaswi grindwell norton ltd, m

give a try to "ASTRA" a powerful scada by KPIT systems pune ( visit "": ) for further details pl do call me on 7222551/2/3/4 extn: 502. we have intelution fix and eurotherm PLCs but we have very bad experiance
regarding services by eurotherm so I suggest u not to touch with them.
Actually i am using astra and it works fine. i am using it with eurotherm controllers over modbus and delta plc.

Could u pls tell me which eurotherm's plc you were using as i am working with eurotherm?
Having used all three I can tell you what I think. Functionally they all do about the same stuff. Some of them are easier to do certain things than others.
Dear Bob,

Thanks for the reply. Can you give me some information on the licensing part and how do they differ in pricing say for a system of 500 tags 5000 tags and say above 20000 tags? What are the key differentials that one should look for w.r.t. RS Logix Wonderware ArchestrA and Intellution? It would be great if you can give me some comparisons. This is for a product research report that I am preparing.

Jeremy Pollard

Strongly recommend checking into inductive automation... I wrote a review some time ago... biggest issue resolved is pricing..:) unlimited everything... and it is top shelf >> all Java under the sheets..

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!
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Best list out what you actually need and also what you would like the system to do. Also look at the future requirements. Study other systems and get the input of other end users.

Study the companies out there that make the Software and Hardware. Look at the support you will need such as trouble shooting or system changes and upgrades.

A company I did not see recommended was Indusoft which is owned by one of the companies suggested.

You can get the software also loaded with run time licenses on hardware such as controllers. Companies such as ICPDAS-USA provide the software and the hardware.

You would have to get pricing from a distributor of the product. I suspect it varies from place to place across the world.
We have used every type of SCADA package that is on the market.

The package that I use if the customer does not have a preference is Ignition Software. It can be installed on any type of operating system. The pricing is based on how many types of features you require for your project. And there is no distributor that you go through. You buy it straight from the company itself. The support for the software is great. They even have online training for learning the software and you can even use a 2 hour trail version to develop the project.