Compatible HHTs with OSISoft's PI Manual Logger


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Greg Kennedy

Hand Held Terminals are apparently hard to find which are compatible with OSISoft's PI Manual Logger.

I'm having trouble gleaning the information I've been given to determine what makes a hand held terminal compatible with OSIsoft's PI Manual
Logger (to dump into the PI historian). OSI will only recommend Symbol Technology's HHTs (surprise, their offices aren't that far away from each other). There are other HHTs which are more rigorous (i.e. more reliable) than what Symbol offers and yet I can't get a straight
answer as to their compatibility.

I would think that if the compatible Symbol HHT used operating system "X", and the HHT I'd rather buy uses operating system "X", then it
would have a good chance at being compatible. Unfortunately I haven't run across a HHT manufacturer that has experience with PI Manual
Logger except for Symbol. AHHHHHH!

Anyone with any insight on this?


Greg Kennedy
Atofina Petrochemicals, Inc.