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Are there any air flow sensors working with mass air flow principle to measure compressed air?

Mass air flow principle to measure compressed air flow rate 0 to 100 SCFM at 8 bar pressure (only sensor with voltage or current output is enough). Our client is looking for cost in and around 100 USD/sensor.
Yes there are. Use Thermal Mass Flowmeter FMT500-IG from ABB.

But the price is rather high. For a 12" line it cost about 3500$. Hope this helps.

You are not going to find a mass flow sensor for $100. You might be able to make your own based on thermal mass principle.


Rohit Chandak

Thermal Mass Flow Meter is an ideal metering system if you want to measure compressed air in Mass terms. The other product could be Orifice with Multivariable Transmitter. US$100 is too less for the meter you are asking for hence you will have to review at your budget. You can still buy Variable Area Flow Meter for the said price but those are monitoring meter with volume rate,

Pascal van Putten

The typical price range for a compressed air flow sensor is between 150 USD for a very simple flow switch (non-linear) up to prices mentioned earlier in this discussion.

Before judging the technical and commercial feasibility of your sensor, more details are needed.

The best technology for 80% of all compressed air flow measurements is definitely thermal mass flow, provided that it is used in the right way. For some applications with high humidity, you might want to consider other technologies. I can help you further if you provide the following additional data:
- operating temperature
- mechanical restrictions
- application information
- annual demand

This might be information you don't want to put on a discussion board. So feel free to drop me an e-mail.