compressor and turbine matching


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may anyone explain me that what "compressor and turbine matching" means?

thanks in advanced

What kind of compressor are you talking about?

What is the context of the conversation or documentation in which you came across this term?

We don't have enough information to be able to say anything other than one doesn't want to use a turbine that is underpowered or doesn't operate in the proper speed range to drive a compressor. And, one doesn't want to use a turbine that is over-powered to drive a compressor, either.
Mohsen u are designer or troubleshouter or ...

as all systems consisting of several component such as cooling cycle, HRSG, ...

gas turbine (single or double shaft or multi spool) consists of an axial (or centrifugal compressor), combustion chamber, and turbine the overall gas turbine should be designed such that all their component are matching the desired characteristics and are compatible between them,

the performance deterioration of the compressor blade and the turbine bucket/blade (recoverable: fooling, and non recoverable erosion and corrosion) alter this turbine compressor matching which should be preserved in order to get better efficiency.

provide more detail in your question to receive better explanation