computer control in process system


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I'm a postgraduate student my research related to computer control in process system. i want some information about pc in automation and process control system.

Greg Goodman

what information are you looking for? what companies are using them? how much money is being spent each year on pc-based automation? what PCs are being used for, and what they're not being used for? what criteria are driving the the management and engineering decisions to use or not use PCs? what software they're running, or what industries or processes they're involved in, or what level of control they're doing, or whether PCs are displacing PLCs or DCSs? what is it you want to know?

Tom Brickner

If you are looking for general information on P.C. control with data aquisition boards I would get a copy of the Omega engineeging Data acquisition book or look on their web site at, Another good source would be National Instruments I believe they are at or look at a web brouser for data aquisition boards. If you are looking for HMI (Human Machine Interface software or manufacturers try they have a list of HMI software manufactures. Hope this helps.

Kenneth E. Woodard Jr.

Go to and you will find the first direct PC control software that has been in use for PC control of continuous processes, steam generation ,electrochemicals, and electrical power generation for over 15 years, since the 286 PC computers. Ken Woodard [email protected]