Comunication between CPU 315-2 DP and ET200U.

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Julio Cesar Costa Concepcion

I need to know if it is possible the communication between Siemens S7-300 PLC, CPU 315-2 DP and external IO ET200U.

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david mertens

This should be no problem at all, the S7-315-2DP has the capability to act as a DP master and the ET200U is a DP slave. You only have to create the correct hardware configuration (Connect the IM318 B or C, complete with the actual modules, to the DP master system of the CPU) and download it to the PLC, no further programming should be required.
The 315-2DP has a built-in Profibus-DP master port, and the ET200U is a Profibus-DP slave. So, yes, communications between them is possible. Create the network configuration for the CPU and the number of ET200U slaves you require in the 'Hardware Configuration' section of the STEP7 programming software.